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Muay Thai has always been a sport for the people as well as a military fighting skill. In its golden ages, the people trained and practiced Muay Thai whether they were a King or commoner. It was a part of the school curriculum right up to the 1920's when it was withdrawn because it was felt that the injury rate was too high. The people however, continued to study it in gyms and clubs just as they do today. The people have always followed the sport and have been instrumental in moving it from the battlefield to the ring. They have been as much a part of making it a sport as have the Kings. One of the prime movers in transforming the sport was the Tiger King, who not only influenced fighting styles but also the equipment. ﷯During the reign of the Tiger King, the hands and forearms began being bound with strips of horse hair. This was to serve a dual purpose - protect the fighter and inflict more damage on the opponent. Later, these were replaced by hemp ropes or starched strips of cotton. For particular challenge matches and with the fighters agreement, ground glass was mixed with glue and spread on the strips. The changes that the Muay Thai has undergone have been changes to equipment used rather than radical change. For example, Thai fighters have always worn groin guards. A kick or knee to the groin was a perfectly legal move up until the 1930's. In the early days, the protection was made from tree bark or sea shells held in place with a piece of cloth tied between the legs and around the waist. ﷯ The groin guard later became a triangular shaped pillow, red or blue, tied around the waist with a through strap between the legs. The pillow went, after a boxer on a trip to Malaysia saw a groin box. He came back with the idea, which is close to the original idea of the sea shell and since then, Muay Thai fighters have used them. The 1930's saw the most radical change in the sport. It was then that it was codified and today's rules and regulations were introduced. Rope bindings of the arms and hands were abandoned and gloves took their place. Muay Thai has become an integral part of most Mixed Martial Arts training regimens today. It's more popular and more relevant than ever.
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Dayton Muay Thai Classes
Dayton Muay Thai lessons and class information for the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Dayton Muay Thai classes.
Dayton Muay Thai lessons and class information for the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Dayton Muay Thai classes.