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Martial Arts Practice * After class, visualize what you did in practice – and then mentally perform the physical exercises and movements. By doing this, you'll improve your memory and you'll develop the ability to visualize. * Use your body to learn movement, particularly complex movement, by doing so your mind will develop. If you only use the mind, your body will not improve. That's the reason Martial Arts training is also known as mind-body training. ﷯ * How you practice will become a habit. Practice makes habit. Therefore if you practice sloppy – that will become a habit. Knowing that... Always practice with focus and precision – so that becomes your habit. * Strength is a skill – there are two types of Strength in the Martial Arts... Physical strength and Mental strength. Practice both to be your very best. * The Martial Arts requires learning a lot of new things in class? How do you maximize your potential? Always fully engage both your mind and your body. Use meditation to help you learn focus. Use repetition to build body memory. Study the intent of each movement. It's a great way to improve your ability to focus, understand, and remember. Remember that repetiton will help you build technique and body memory, so be willing to repeat beyond boredom. * Work to learn to control your internal environment, many other techniques, including slowing your breathing for example and see what that does for you. Can you bring yourself down from a feeling of high alert or tension? * The point of any practice is to practice. Put in a solid practice regularly. Do so and you'll be a success. Just practice!
Martial Arts Success When it comes to successful Martial Arts training there are many factors that come into play. The degree of success anyone achieves in Martial Arts varies, but it usually comes down to a few simple factors. Before we delve into those factors just remember that when joining a Martial Arts dojo, be sure to discuss with your Sensei, and your Instructors what your goals are. They should be able to suggest the types of classes, frequency of classes and workouts you will need to reach your Martial Arts goals. In general, when taking Martial Arts classes there are some basic strategies to use to get the most out of those classes. These basic strategies will help you reach your Martial Arts goals. Warm Up - Be sure you take adequate time to warm up before any class. This will minimize the chances of injury during your class. Anytime injury occurs during a class, that becomes a setback that will delay your progress. Warming up properly prior to class time will keep you on track to reach your goals. A warm-up means getting your muscles active but not overworked. A warm-up might include jumping rope, doing several sets of jumping jacks, jogging, and various other "no impact" forms of aerobic activities. These should not be intense or for a long duration, and they should be conducted just prior to your class. Focus on Proper Technique - During instructional time, pay close attention to the technique demonstrated by your Martial arts instructor. If you've chosen wisely, your dojo will have qualified instructors who will demonstrate what you are supposed to do, using proper technique before you are expected to do a specific punch, kick, throw, hold etc. Be sure to watch carefully how your instructor performs the action so you will learn how to do it correctly. It's much harder to unlearn something than to learn it correctly the first time. Once you've seen it performed correctly, then practice it using proper form and technique each time. ﷯ Repetition Builds Skill and Confidence - Be sure to practice each new move, over and over again using proper technique. Once your instructor has demonstrated the new Martial Arts move, and has assured you that you are doing it correctly, be sure to practice it over and over again. Focus on using proper technique each time. Eventually you will have internalized the process of doing that particular move correctly. With enough repetition, doing it using proper technique in the future when you really need it, will become a reflex rather than something you'll need to think about to perform. Attend classes regularly - Just like becoming successful at anything else in life, becoming successful in Martial Arts requires consistent practice. If you want to reach your Martial Arts goals be sure to put in the time it will require. Take advantage of the classes your dojo offers that will help you achieve your goals. If you want to become great at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for example and your dojo offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes 4 days a week, be sure to to take advantage of as many of those classes as you can. The more often you train, as long as you focus on using proper technique, the quicker you will improve your skills and advance through the ranks toward your Martial Arts goals.
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New Year's Reflections from a Tenbears Student This holiday season has kept me out of the gym for far too long. I'm excited to get back to my regular routine of class and training! Since I'm hoping to compete this year (2016) I have to learn what weight I want to fight at and if I can make that weight. I have to be very strict with my eating decisions and how often I train and even more specifically what I train. My jiu jitsu is good and getting better but it's been a while since I've actually stood up and did any kickboxing. I look forward to a hard training camp getting ready for my first fight.
Marquis Satterwhite trains at Tenbears MMA in Dayton Ohio.  His fitness, strength, speed and Martial Arts skills continue to improve.

Marquis Satterwhite is a Martial Arts Student at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton.  He has been training to compete later in 2016..

Mixed Martial Arts is one of my passions. With that said, I find myself working on my skills pretty much everywhere. I'm at home watching fights but only watching people's footwork and little nuisances like that. At tenbears, I'm doing everything I can to make sure what the coaches demonstrate is being burned into my brain. But, the biggest things I make sure I don't mess up is nutrition. Outside of actually training, nutrition is the best thing I can do to get myself into fight shape. This is something that I love to do. I just want to have fun with it. This past week I finally learned some great defenses for the simplest moves. The triangle and the armbar. Now I cam defend myself against a move I normally tap to! This whole competition thing is bugging me. I want to compete but I don't have the time to devote to training. The only way to make time would be to either quit my job or drop out of college....forget that! I'll just make the best out of my time and put the most effort into every session I get. It will pay off. I could compete in Naga but the price is a little too much. Anyway, I'll make my way into competition. For now I'm getting myself ready for anything and everything.
Martial Arts Instruction & Coaching
Martial Arts lessons at Tenbears MMA are among the best in Dayton Ohio.

Martial Arts lessons at Tenbears MMA are among the best in Dayton Ohio.

The Martial Arts instructors at Tenbears MMA care. Regardless whether they are teaching a group of children in our Kids Martial Arts classes or a group of adults in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai class, our Martial Arts instructors including Sensei Jim Rosenthal focus on helping each student reach their Martial Arts goals. Our coaches and instructors have spent many years refining their Martial Arts skills so that they can pass those skills on to their students. We take the time to get to know each student, so that we can tailor instruction to meet their needs. While we are teaching group classes, we also individualize our instruction. After introducing and demonstrating a new skill for instance, our instructors work one-on-one with each student or in pairs to make sure each student can demonstrate the proper technique to complete that new skill correctly. It doesn't make sense to do it any other way. Our students make steady progress and they do so safely. We take the necessary time to warm up before each class and cool down at the end of each class. We want our Martial Arts students to avoid unnecessary injuries, so we make sure our students are ready before we begin our instruction. That means proper exercises before instruction to loosen up and to add flexibility. We know that progress requires consistency. Students who warm up properly, avoid injuries and continue to make progress in their skills and technique. Our Dayton studio is an easy drive from anywhere in the Miami Valley. We are looking forward to helping you reach your full potential as a Martial Artist. Call us or stop by our dojo at your convenience during class time. You'll find out contact information on our main page and our class schedule on our calendar tab on this website.
Sensei Jim Rosenthal and his instructors provide professional Martial Arts training for their students.

Sensei Jim Rosenthal and his instructors provide professional Martial Arts training for their students.

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Dayton Mixed Martial Arts Classes
Dayton MMA class information for the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Dayton Mixed Martial Arts classes.
Dayton MMA class information for the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Dayton Mixed Martial Arts classes.