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Dayton MMA Training Philosophy The Philosophy Behind the Martial Arts for Kid's and Adults One of the most priceless gifts of martial arts practice is to get to know yourself internally and externally. Your main goal should be to use the body to reach and learn to master your mind. At Tenbears Martial Arts Academy, we can help you prepare both your body and your mind. Some of our students enjoy preparing for competition, others prefer learning self-defense techniques, while others seek improved fitness. Any of these goals are worth seeking. Our purpose is to help you grow both mentally and physically so you can achieve the goals you are working toward. We know that once you've learned to master your mind, when faced with a dangerous situation, you can stay calm and centered and make the best choices in that moment. Martial Arts training helps us learn to deal with adversity. That is what sets it apart from doing things like yoga. Through the regular and consistent practice of Martial Arts we become aware of what we think and why. We learn what shapes our values and beliefs. That allows us to step back and look at life with a more pure mind. It also confirms our knowledge that consistent effort over time is needed to achieve greatness in anything. ﷯Meditation is the foundation of all true Martial Arts. It helps you focus and helps you learn to control your mind. Once you learn to still the mind, you can control the mind. We all see the world from our own perspective. We each bring a uniqueness to the world. We must understand that when we see the world differently, we experience it differently, because "our" mind is looking at it. We will achieve our Martial Arts goals over time if we practice Martial Arts consistently. Adding the practice of meditation will help. Make an appointment with yourself to meditate every day. Then just do it. Meditation goes hand-in-hand with sound, consistent Martial Arts practice. Meditation without physical practice is not as good for you, but together you can grow both your mind and body.
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Tenbears Martial Arts Academy
Dayton Martial Arts lessons for children and adults. Dayton Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Kid's Martial Arts Lessons.
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Dayton Martial Arts School
Tenbears Martial Arts Academy is the premier Martial Arts School in Dayton.
Tenbears Martial Arts Academy is the premier Martial Arts School in Dayton.