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Martial Arts Health and Nutriton Proper nutrition is a very important and fundamental part of successful Martial Arts training. If your body is not filled with the right fuel, your performance during workouts and classes and your body's ability to grow will be adversely effected. This three part blog post is intended to answer a question I hear often, especially from newer students... "When it comes to getting the most from my Martial Arts training, what should I eat?" The following is what I recommend to my students. 4. Having a good breakfast is pivotal to establishing a good diet and starting the day right. "Breakfast" means breaking the fast that your body was in during your sleep. Your body is starving when you wake up and if you don't eat your metabolism will slow down and begin to store fat. Good things to eat in the morning when focusing on fat loss are nuts and meat. ﷯ 5. Eat something before going to sleep. A common misconception is that any meal consumed before sleeping will turn into fat overnight. This is not the case. In fact, eating before you sleep will keep your metabolism working while you're enduring an extended fast. Eating slow-digesting proteins such as yogurt or cottage cheese will reap the most rewards. ﷯ 6. High Fructose Corn Syrup is probably the single worst "food" you can subject your body to. It has no nutritional value, will spike your insulin levels and help you pack on fat. It is found in most processed foods and should be avoided whenever possible. Sensei Jim Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Dayton
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