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Proper Nutrition for MMA Performance I hear often, especially from newer students... "When it comes to getting the most from my Martial Arts training, what should I eat?" The following is what I recommend to my students. ﷯1. Drink at least one gallon of water a day. Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and remove waste from the body. Drink pure water, not designer or enhanced waters. Bring a large bottle of water with you wherever you go and drink it throughout the day - before, during and after workouts. 2. Eat more often and less food. Look to have between 5-8 smaller meals rather than 2 large meals. When you eat a meal, you shouldn't feel like falling asleep or fatigued - this is a classic sign of overeating. Eat just enough to where you are not hungry, but not full either (you should feel like you are able to eat more). Usually 15-20 minutes after you finish eating is when your stomach settles and won't bother you anymore. The reason for eating more meals is to increase your metabolism. 3. Eat natural foods and if feasible organic. Meaning, fish, poultry, lean cuts of beef, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Natural food is easier on your digestive system. Try to eat a vegetable with every meal. ﷯ Avoid refined or processed foods like food from fast food restaurants, sodas, candy, chocolates, chips, etc. ﷯ Stay tuned for the next in this series to enhance your Martial Arts training through improved nutrition. Sensei Jim Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Dayton
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