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 Dayton Kids Martial Arts
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A Dayton Martial Arts student at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy
Kids are facing tough challenges in schools and neighborhoods today. They may be struggling with their grades. They might feel that they don't fit in. Maybe they're being picked on or bullied. What is the solution? Kids need support and guidance. That guidance can come from many sources. Of course there are parents, counselors, teachers, the clergy... each can provide support for children facing challenges. What other options are there? ﷯ Martial Arts is another option that makes sense. Kids who take Martial Arts lessons benefit in many ways that help them overcome life's challenges. As they see improvements and develop new skills, Martial Arts students gain confidence. With confidence comes improved self-esteem. They become stronger, faster and more agile. They gain new friends. As instructors of Martial Arts, our goals also include helping students learn to control themselves and to respect others. The discipline and respect they have for their instructors and classmates transfers to the classrooms in the school they attend and at home. As a child's social skills and self-confidence improves, so do their grades and the interactions they have with kids and adults at school, at home and in their neighborhood. ﷯ So whether a child is struggling with school work or with peers at school or in their neighborhood, taking Martial Arts classes and learning the Martial Arts can make a positive and lasting difference in their life! Basketball, soccer, football, dance, gymnastics etc. all benefit from the fitness and improved training habits and discipline students develop from Martial Arts classes. The agility, strength, speed and coordination that students build, adds to their success in many other sports and even in the arts over time. ﷯ At Tenbears Martial Arts Academy, our "Kids Martial Arts" instructors, pride themselves in bringing out the very best in each student. We look forward to meeting your child and helping them achieve their goals. Our website calendar shows you when our kids classes are held each week. Call us or stop by to find out more.
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Tenbears Martial Arts Academy
Dayton Martial Arts for children and adults. Dayton Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Kid's Martial Arts classes.
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Dayton Kids Martial Arts
Dayton Kids Martial Arts.
Dayton Kids Martial Arts.