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Dayton Kid's Martial Arts Classes

The Kid's Martial Arts classes offered at Tenbears Dayton Martial Arts Academy are among the best in the Dayton Ohio Area.  Instructors like Jimmy Lutz here truly enjoy helping young people reach their Martial Arts goals.  There is an upbeat attitude that permeates every class we teach.  That's because we know how important it is to build a positive attitude in our students.  We believe they can do just about anything they try if given the proper instruction and are able to develop a belief in themselves and their abilities.


Banner photo describing the Tenbears Dayton Martial Arts Academy.

Visit our photo gallery often and you'll see great things happening at our "Dayton Martial  Arts" dojo.   We invite you and your family to try our "Dayton Mixed Martial Arts" classes, our "Dayton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" classes, our "Dayton Muay Thai" classes or one of our many "Dayton Kid's Martial Arts" classes.


There are many "Dayton Martial Arts" studios to choose from, but none provide the level of training and satisfaction that Tenbears Martial Arts Academy does.  You'll find the very best "Dayton Martial Arts" instruction.  Our Dayton Ohio Tenbears Martial Arts Academy provides quality instruction in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kid's Martial Arts, and Mixed Martial Arts.


Tenbears Dayton Kid's Martial Arts class featuring instruction by instructor Jimmy Lutz.

Tenbears Martial Arts Academy has a long track record of satisfied students .  Whether their interest was Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts or parents wanting their children to learn Martial Arts, Tenbears Martial Arts Academy has delivered.  Sensei Jim Rosenthal and his staff of highly trained instructors have the skills, experience and knowledge to take you as far as you want to go when in comes to "Dayton Martial Arts".


Please reach out to the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy to begin your journey toward becoming a healthier, happier you.  You are always welcome to call or visit our "Dayton Martial Arts" dojo to meet Sesei Jim and any of our many qualified Martial Arts instructors, If you're interested in getting started, there is no better time than now.  You can begin by enrolling now in one of our Dayton Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, or Kid's Martial Arts classes.  We'd love to meet you and welcome you to our dojo.


Tenbears Dayton Martial Arts class sign, wishing everyone to "Have a great class!!"

We look forward to seeing you and helping you achieve your Martial Arts goals.  Martial Arts will help you build confidence, discipline, fitness, endurance, agility, flexibility and self-defense skills that can help protect you and your family for a lifetime.  There is no time like the present to begin your Martial Arts journey.  Call us to day or respond to the "Special Savings" icon below to become a happier healthier you, by joining Tenbears MMA!

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Building a Solid Foundation

of Discipline

for your Kids

It's Time for Kids Martial Arts

 It was a picture of a sticky

note on a fridge with something

VERY simple written on it...


But the parent who wrote this

obviously understands their

kids verrryyy well!


This is what it said:



Get Today's Wifi Password



* Your beds are made

* Your rooms are clean

* The dishes are done






Pretty amazing, right?


Like most kids these days,

this parent's kids depend

on Wifi for a lot.


So this mom created a system

where her kids could "buy"

Wifi access through chores.


Great stuff, right?


Of course, while this is a

great tactic, it will only

work if your kids already

have a FOUNDATION of discipline.


If you feel this is missing

from your household...


Check out our kids martial

arts classes. Respect, discipline

& focus are the TOP lessons

we teach with self-defense.


They're pretty life-changing.

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