Dayton Kid's Martial Arts Classes
Kid's Martial Arts
What sets our Kid's Martial Arts classes apart from other martial arts dojos is our emphasis on practicality and real-world situations. Your child is not going to memorize forms or katas. They will not to learn to chop and kick the air or break boards. They are going to learn realistic and proven techniques for self defense just like adults in a fun, friendly and safe environment. ﷯Benefits for your child include but are not limited to: •Self Defense •Fitness Benefits •Self Confidence •Self Respect •Goal Attainment
Our Dayton Kid's Martial Arts Classes
﷯Martial Arts can offer children a tremendous number of unique benefits. In addition to helping them learn to protect themselves, our Dayton Martial Arts students gain discipline, confidence and become extremely fit. Most classes will begin with stretching and some include weight training. Once they have warmed up, the Sensei and other instructors begin training the group. One misconception you may have heard is that children become more aggressive when they take Martial Arts classes. That is a Myth. Although our students learn how to grapple, kick and punch, they are also taught how to respect others. The rules of our dojo, and for most dojos, prohibit the use of fighting skills unless for classroom practice or to defend oneself. Students of Martial Arts learn to be humble, yet confident in themselves. When a child learns how to fight to defend themselves, they also learn that there are important rules to live by. Those rules include only using their new Martial Arts abilities when necessary as a last resort, to defend themselves or others who may be in danger. Our students gain so many other skills and benefits, by learning Martial Arts. They become stronger, more flexible, more agile and faster, as well as more confident and disciplined. You can join the fun too! Give us a call to register you or your children for our next Dayton Martial Arts classes!
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Dayton Martial Arts lessons for children and adults. Dayton Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Kid's Martial Arts Lessons.
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Dayton Kid's Martial Arts Classes
Dayton Kid's Martial Arts lessons and class information for the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Dayton Kid's Martial Arts classes.
Dayton Kid's Martial Arts lessons and class information for the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Dayton Kid's Martial Arts classes.