Martial Arts instruction in Dayton is better when Brian Updyke is teaching Martial Arts classes.
Tenbears Instructor Jimmy Lutz teaching a Dayton Kid's Martial Arts Class Sensei Jim Rosenthal demonstrating a grappling hold at Tenbears Dayton Martial Arts Academy A Dayton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class description with a Brazilin Jiu Jitsu clock. A demonstration of Muay Thai during a Tenbears Dayton Muay Thai Class
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Dayton Martial Arts Classes
Jim Rosenthal Sensei - Instructor Brian Updyke Instructor Danny Howard Instructor
Dayton Martial Arts students enjoy training with a US National Champion at Tenbears MMA.
Sensei Jim Rosenthal was a Gold Medalist Relson Gracie US National Champion and a Gold Medalist Sport Jiu Jitsu National Champion, before launching the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton.
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2810 Wayne Avenue

Dayton, Ohio 45420

 Dayton Martial Arts Classes
Benefits of Martial Arts Training
What are the true benefits of Martial Arts training? For people looking from the outside, Martial Arts training is for competitions, for earning a black belt or for learning how to fight. Although there is truth and merit to those Martial Arts goals, the benefits you'll receive from a regular Martial Arts training regimen can far exceed those goals. Regardless of whether you decide to take a Mixed Martial Arts class, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class or a Muay Thai class or other Martial Arts form, by training in the Martial Arts, you'll benefit in many ways. Click here for a better understanding of the full benefits you'll gain by becoming a Tenbears Dayton Martial Arts student and training in one of our Dayton Martial Arts Classes.
Dayton Martial Arts Sensei Jim Rosenthal demonstrating a grappling hold in one of his Dayton Ohio Martial Arts classes.
Professional Martial Arts instruction like this can be found at the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton Ohio.
What are the benefits of Martial Arts Training?
Dayton Kid's Martial Arts Lessons
We Have Fun Kid's Martial Arts Lessons! We Have Fun at Tenbears MMA!
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Dayton Kids Martial Arts Classes
There are many Dayton Martial Art studios to choose from, but none provide the level of training and satisfaction that Tenbears Martial Arts Academy does. You'll find the very best Dayton Martial Arts instruction. Tenbears Martial Arts Academy provides quality instruction in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kid's Martial Arts, and Mixed Martial Arts. Tenbears' Dayton Martial Arts Academy has a long track record of satisfied students. Whether their interest was Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts or parents wanting their children to learn Martial Arts, Tenbears Martial Arts Academy has delivered. Sensei Jim Rosenthal and his staff of highly trained instructors have the skills, experience and knowledge to take you as far as you want to go when in comes to Martial Arts training. If you're looking for the right place to begin your Martial Arts training in the Dayton area, reach out to the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy to begin your journey toward becoming a healthier, happier you. You can begin by enrolling now in a Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, or Kid's Martial Arts class. We'd love to welcome you to our dojo.
Dayton Martial Arts Schools
Dayton Martial Arts Schools such as Tenbears Martial Arts Academy provide Martial Arts lessons for students of all ages. The best way to select a Martial Arts School is to visit it and meet the Sensei (the Martial Arts School Director) and the instructors. A visit will give you the opportunity to observe a class to see how they teach their students. By calling ahead, you can make sure that you will be able to observe the type of class you are interested in. You can find out the days and times that the class is held, giving you the ability to visit while the class is being taught.
Dayton MMA Training Philosophy
Martial Arts helps both mind and body.  This image help signify the personal growth martial arts can provide.
Learn More About Our MMA Training Philosophy
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Students of all ages benefit from the Martial Arts classes held at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton Ohio. Join Our Team! Team Tenbears Kids Classes
Team Tenbears Kids Classes
Kids today face many challenges. Whether they're having trouble socially with peers in school or in their neighborhood, bullies who are picking on them or if they just lack motivation or discipline; enrolling your child in Martial Arts classes can help. Students who take Martial Arts lessons benefit in many ways that can help them overcome these challenges. In addition to the benefit of becoming more physically fit and healthier, Dayton Tenbears Martial Arts students gain confidence in their abilities, building their self-esteem. As they see improvements and gain new friends in class, they learn to believe in their abilities. They learn discipline and respect for their instructors and classmates, which transfers to the classroom. As their social skills and self-confidence improve, so do their grades and relationships with the kids at school and in their neighborhoods.
Fun fitness and Martial Arts instruction for kids like this one takes place at Tenbears MMA in Dayton Ohio.
You will never know your limits, unless you push yourself to them. No limits... Tenbears MMA
Tenbears MMA students gain many great benefits from the Martial Arts training they receive from our classes.
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Professor Jim Rosenthal demonstrates a sweep during a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Tenbears MMA.
Tonight is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I'm a little excited to roll because I am a month out from competing for the first time. I'm not sure what preparation needs to take place so I'm just going to train, eat and rest like a disciplined warrior. As of now I'm not nervous about being in front of people or anything, but I'm not sure how steep the competition is. All I can do is get ready and play to the best of my abilities. I know this is going to be fun. I shall represent Tenbears and myself in the best fashion. - Tenbears MMA Student - Marquis Satterwhite
Students "Bow In" to begin their Martial Arts lesson at Tenbears MMA.  
Parents & Students Want the Best
My son Chase is in the top 25% in state wrestling for Junior high school. He wanted to get better, so we started trying other karate places and dojos. They just didn't seem to be what my son Chase and Dan's son Sadler wanted. Both boys agreed that you have the most to offer. Whether its for high school wrestling or for a career as a military officer, we want our boys to have every opportunity to be the best. Thank you! - Paul Dyer Thank you Mr. Dyer. We appreciate your kind words and are proud to be able to help Martial Arts students like Chase and Sadler reach and exceed their goals.
Dayton Martial Arts One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching Tenbears Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes is the ability to see such tremendous growth in our students as they train. When new students begin their Martial Arts training they are usually not in peak condition, especially if they've never training in the Martial Arts. One of the may great benefits of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is it's ability to improve both physical and mental health. Within just a few months, students grow stronger, become more toned and flexible. Those who continue their training see improved confidence, self-esteem and a sense of pride in their progress. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires mental concentration and the internalization of BJJ skills and techniques. Students who train consistently and regularly progress the fastest. It's an incredible feeling, being able to witness such tremendous growth in our students. We recommend a training regimen that requires at least three days of training per week. That allows students to see continual progress in their skills and physical growth. If students train consistently they'll have the best opportunity to achieve even the highest levels and mastery of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Students at Tenbears MMA enjoy their BJJ training.  It's fun, challenging yet rewarding.
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Tenbears Martial Arts Academy
Dayton Martial Arts lessons for children and adults. Dayton Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Kid's Martial Arts Lessons.
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Dayton Martial Arts Classes
Dayton Martial Arts lesson and class information for the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy.
Dayton Martial Arts lesson and class information for the Tenbears Martial Arts Academy.